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Exclusive-access docu-series of an NBA Superstar-in-the-making, who, at 19, is charting his own path regardless of comparisons and expectations.

The First Trae (2019)

Top NBA Draft pick, Trae Young, is a superstar-in-the-making balanced with wholesome humility that people everywhere already love. NEXT LEVEL: The First Trae is a docu-series on Trae's leap into the NBA as an unexpected phenom and the journey that ensues as he adapts to professional life.

Viewers will be embedded in the process and routines of Trae Young and his family as they navigate the pressures and expectations of his career and future. The series introduces the world outside of diehard basketball fans to this incredible family in the backdrop of elite sports. Due to Trae's youth, size and stature, fans perceive Trae as very relatable, down-to-earth and inspirational, which makes him a compelling figure and story to deliver on a larger scale.

Born into a strong nuclear family with basketball in his blood, Trae has a strong network of support in the league, including LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Baron Davis. With his vaulted success as a NCAA freshman, comparisons and speculation exploded in the media -is he the next Steph Curry??? The next Steve Nash??? At only 19 years old, Trae is learning how to be a professional, live away from home for the first time and step into his own as "The FirstTrae".

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